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    Marriage Time USA is one of leading Online/Personalized matrimonial websites that has helped thousands of members find their perfect life partner. We believe choosing a life partner is a big and important decision, and hence work towards giving a simple and secure matchmaking experience for you and your family. Each profile registered with us goes through a manual screening process before going live on site.

    Marriage time USA is Online Matrimonial Service. We offer both Free Self Manageable Profiles as well as personalized help. The purpose of this project is not to make profits or make money out of your situation. We do not work like typical Marriage Bureaus of Pakistan who may charge upfront money and just send any proposals.

    We won’t say “We are different” because you may have heard this too from those typical Marriage Bureaus. We take your privacy seriously and do our best to give you the options to keep your private info hidden. Ready to start your new life? Let’s get started. Let us know some relevant info and what you are looking for in your life partner. marriage time USA pioneered online matrimonial in 2012 and continues to lead the exciting matrimony category after more than a decade. By redefining the way Pakistani brides and grooms meet for marriage, Marriage time USA has has helped thousands of members find their perfect life partner.

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    I've found a marriage partner through your website within 10 days and would recommend this to all Muslims who want to get married through Halal means.
    Thank you so much for helping me find the woman of my dreams. I am incredibly happy.
    Thank you for this wonderful platform. May Allah keep this service pure and blessed.